Chic Versatility in the City

As an exciting fashion week draws to a close, we take it as our cue to announce the launch of our newest blog:  The Viani Vernacular. Explore the Viani Milano universe through the stories, muses, inspirations and adventures that shape our brand. For our  debut, we ruminate over design philosophies that stand the test of time, why our slippers are the perfect piece to flirt with the ‘wrong shoe theory’ and so much more!  

Without further ado, welcome to the VV–we are thrilled to have you here!

Once again, we find ourselves navigating another chaotic series of fashion weeks, eagerly awaiting the fresh new proposals while simultaneously inclined towards the notion of forever style: That which  is immune to fads, trends and cycles. In between catching Ubers and downing espressos, we ponder this quote by designer Donna Karan: “Design is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxe, the practical, with the desirable”. While we don’t know exactly when she said this (perhaps the 90’s, with minimal meets functional at its core?), it undoubtedly strikes a chord with our team, as our whole brand was founded on the ethos that style should be as personal as it is practical. 


Whether paired with a classically-tailored blazer and the season’s vintage-inspired cropped denim or with a flirty tweed skirt-and-jacket set, our handmade friulane slippers instantly elevate any outfit adding just the right amount of color, texture and ease, without ever sacrificing comfort. The perfect travel, errand, lunchtime and even leisure time companions, they breathe life into any look, day or night. 


A seasonless shoe that works throughout the entirety of the year, our team is having so much fun combining them with unexpected garments in our closet, putting stylist Allison Bornstein’s viral  Wrong Shoe Theory to the test. Master the theory by going for a sleek cocktail dress with a wrapped cardi at the shoulders styled with our bestselling Gio slippers – don’t forget to email us a pic!